Cameron to return with promise of jobs bonanza

David Cameron will return to the political fray by claiming more than 150,000 jobs could be created by £36bn of infrastructure projects being started in the UK this year.

David Cameron

The Prime Minister, who has been enjoying a family holiday in Lanzarote, will join Chancellor George Osborne at one major scheme to push the Government’s economic message.

They will say that more than 200 rail, road, local transport, broadband, airport and waste management projects are due to start construction over the next year. “Ensuring Britain has first-
class infrastructure is a crucial part of our long-term economic plan: supporting business, creating jobs and providing a better future for hardworking people,” Mr Cameron says.

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“As a crucial part of our long-term economic plan, this Government is backing business with better infrastructure so that more jobs and opportunities are created for hardworking people, meaning more financial security and peace of mind for families.”

Mr Osborne says: “Because of the tough decisions we have taken in day-to-day spending, we can prioritise public investment where it is most needed and create the right conditions for private investment in infrastructure where it brings value for the taxpayer.

“So this year over 200 new projects worth an estimated 
£36bn are due to start, creating thousands of jobs, securing future growth and delivering the world class infrastructure Britain deserves.”

Another 200-plus projects are due to be completed this year.

The £36bn estimate is made up of £5bn in public investment, £21bn private and £10bn in joint funding.

The move follows a weekend in which UKIP launched its May elections campaign with a series of provocative advertisements, paid for by Yorkshire businessman Paul Sykes who is bankrolling the party to a tune of £1.5m. Nigel Farage was forced to defended the new immigration-centred Ukip poster campaign as “a hard-hitting reflection of reality” after it was attacked as “racist”.

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