Chilcot in numbers: £10m so far and it’s longer than War and Peace

SIR John Chilcot has announced the report into the long-awaited report into the Iraq war should finally be ready for publication by July next year. Here are some of the numbers relating to the inquiry...

Tony Blair meeting British troops on a visit to Baghdad in 2004

• 6 - Years since the Chilcot Inquiry was launched, although it will be closer to seven by the time the report is ready for publication.

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• 2,500 - Days between June 15 2009, when the inquiry was announced on by then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and April 18 2016, when the report is expected to be ready for private inspection and security check.

• 3 - Foreign secretaries to have been in the post since the inquiry was launched - David Miliband under Mr Brown, and William Hague and Philip Hammond under David Cameron.

• 2 million - Words estimated to be included in the report, making it almost four times longer than Leo Tolstoy’s epic War and Peace.

• 10 million - Estimated cost, in pounds, of the inquiry as of January this year.

• 179 - UK military personnel that died during the Iraq war.

Sir John Chilcot