Clegg and the ladies, round 30 something

NICK Clegg likes his women, no matter what the women might tell you.

When David Cameron can’t make question time, Mr Clegg defends the fort.

Harriet Harman, a big fan of all the women, wanted to know how many women the Liberal Democrat leader had appointed to the cabinet in more than four years of coalition life.

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The answer is zero, but, strangely enough, Mr Clegg did not want to admit that, prompting Mrs Harman to question why he would not answer the question, telling the House that this was “unlike him, because normally when he is asked about numbers and women, he is quite forthcoming.”

Now, for those who are not 100% up to speed with the sex life of Her Majesty’s Deputy Prime Minister, this is actually a very funny joke, subtly referencing as it does the infamous Clegg-over interview in which Mr Clegg told a gentleman’s magazine that he had slept with not more than 30 women.

Obviously, this is fitting material for the Mother of all Parliaments, and the first round of this little ding dong goes to Mrs Harman.

Thankfully for Nick, it was downhill from there, as the deputy Labour leader reverted to form with familia ranting dogma.

Lesson learnt? Our past comes back to haunt us in the most unexpected places.