Clegg slams ‘farce’ of PM’s Question Time

Nick Clegg has condemned the House of Commons as “stuck in the past”, and said people are put off politics by the “farce” of Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Deputy Prime Minister made the comments as he appeared on a TV show during which he showed off his wife’s cooking skills and drank tequila.

Mr Clegg insisted his party was right to “step up to the plate” to form the coalition Government in 2010, but admitted he had not been prepared for the “vitriolic” attacks against him.

He thought online voting could be a way to “move politics into the 21st century, because a lot of it is stuck in the 19th century”.

The casually-dressed Liberal Democrat leader appeared on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, helping hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer cook a cake.

Asked about the weekly sessions of Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Clegg said: “I think the whole thing has become a complete farce.”