Corbyn calls for further EU reform

Remaining in the European Union is in the best interests of the British people, Jeremy Corbyn will say as he vows to use the referendum campaign to 'stand up for public ownership'.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leader will vow to push for a “real social Europe” in the run-up to the vote promised by David Cameron.

Mr Corbyn, who has a history of Euroscepticism, will stress that he wants to see further reforms in Brussels, including stronger workers’ rights and an end to the pressure to privatise public services.

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In a speech to the Labour local government conference in Nottingham he will say: “In the referendum campaign Labour will be making it clear we stand up for public ownership and accountability.

“Our party is committed to keeping Britain in the EU because we believe it is the best framework for European trade and co-operation and is in the best interests of the British people.

“But we also want to see progressive reform in Europe: democratisation, stronger workers’ rights, sustainable growth and jobs at the heart of economic policy, and an end to the pressure to privatise and deregulate public services.

“And we will be pressing the case for a real social Europe during the coming referendum campaign.”