Corbyn sets out plan to reverse arts cuts

JEREMY CORBYN will today promise to reverse cuts to the arts and put lottery funding into regional control.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

The Labour leader will set out plans for an ‘arts pupil premium’ given to every primary school in England.

Mr Corbyn will pledge a future Labour government would defend the BBC licence fee and promise to it a legal requirement for all councils to deliver a “a comprehensive and efficient library service”.

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Mr Corbyn will launch his arts strategy in Edinburgh as the city’s world famous festival approaches its end.

He will say: “Drawing on Britain’s rich cultural heritage, Labour under my leadership will commit to extending access and participation in the arts to all people and all communities across Britain.

“There is creativity in all of us but we need to give people the opportunities for this creativity to flourish.

“Central to Labour’s vision to rebuild and transform Britain must be a radical transformative vision for the arts. Labour will reverse Tory cuts to arts expenditure and set out a bold and inspiring policy programme for the arts building on our proud cultural heritage.”

Mr Corbyn will say he wants to turn dance and drama into independent subjects within the national curriculum and propose the creation of a ‘creative apprenticeship’/

Mr Corbyn’s arts policy is the latest in a series of announcements as part of his campaign to retain leadership of the Labour Party.

His critics have questioned the lack of policy in his first 12 months as leader and the sudden flurry of activity during the leadership election.

Last night he took part in the latest head to head debate with challenger Owen Smith.

Voting has already started in the contest.