Corbyn tries to neutralise complaints of failure to support women

JEREMY CORBYN has moved to counter criticism that he has failed to support women as Labour leader with a raft of new policies.

Jeremy Corbyn

Mr Corbyn promised a future Labour government under his leadership would toughen the law on online harassment against women and support all-women shortlists for Labour candidates.

He promised to establish a “Women’s Advisory Board” and publish a “gender audit” of Labour policies.

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Yorkshire Labour MPs Paula Sherriff, Holly Lynch, Rachel Reeves, Mary Creagh, Gill Furniss, Angela Smith and Diana Johnson were among 45 who wrote to Mr Corbyn earlier this year asking him to take action against abuse.

Speaking at an event tonight, Mr Corbyn will say: “We will never be a successful society in which everybody is able to achieve their potential until we have full equality for women.

“Under my leadership, Labour will take action to remove the barriers in our society to women achieving full equality, we will tackle discrimination, sexism and violence against women and girls, both online and physical.

“We will not transform society overnight, but working together we can take us further along the path to an equal society to rebuild and transform Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.”

Mr Corbyn’s announcement was the latest in a string of policies launched as part of his bid to retain his leadership under the challenge from former shadow work and pensions secretary Owen Smith.

A poll of Labour members published today showed Mr Corbyn enjoys a clear lead in the contest.