General Election

General Election

Claire Ainsley: Who will speak for new working class?

POLITICIANS don’t often talk about the working class.

Opinion 1
Should voters know more about local election candidates?

YP Letters: When local democracy is just a sham

From: Chris Heyes, Kirby Hill, Boroughbridge, York.

Theresa May meets Tory suppoters in Wandsworth where her party remained power.

The Yorkshire Post says: Political stalemate. Tories and Labour deadlocked

THERESA MAY will be relieved that the Tories did exceed relatively low expectations in the local elections while Jeremy Corbyn’s high hopes did not materialise in spite of Labour winning control of Kirklees Council in this area’s most notable shift in power.


Local Election 2018: Who will you vote for? Every candidate listed for every area of Yorkshire

Yorkshire goes to the polls today with local council elections taking place across the county.

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Where will you be casting your vote in the Leeds City Council election?

8 of the weirdest polling stations you can vote at in Leeds in tomorrow's election

As the local election polls prepare to open for polling day on Thursday 3 May, the majority of us will be heading out to local schools, churches or village halls to cast our vote.

General Election
Candidates vying to become the Sheffield City Region's mayor at a hustings event.

Jayne Dowle: Local elections – Do not overlook these vital cogs in our democracy

I DON’T know what it’s like where you live, but the end of this week is looking pretty busy in Barnsley. We’ve got the Tour de Yorkshire powering its way through town on Friday, grabbing all the headlines and social media coverage.

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Holly Lynch MP with Chief Insp Nick Smart, Chair West Yorkshire Police Federation on a walkabout  in the Piece Hall, Halifax.

The Yorkshire Post says: Time to back our 999 heroes in law. MPs must protect the protectors

TODAY, Parliament has a chance to enshrine its respect for all emergency workers, and first responders, into law. It must be taken – and any MP who dares to thwart the Parliamentary passage of the Emergency Service Workers Bill can expect the full opprobrium of the country – and their constituents.

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VIDEO: Strictly or X Factor? Hendo's or tomato sauce? Sheffield City Region candidates answer the tough questions ...

Ready for a lively hustings, the Sheffield City Region mayoral candidates were prepped to sit in a line answering question from the audience for two hours solid.
Polcie have been out in force during Sheffield's tree-felling dispute.

YP Letters: Impact of tree policing in Sheffield not just about pay

From: Peter Giles, Sheffield.

Naveen Judah

Sheffield City Region mayoral candidate felt 'discriminated against' after snub from hustings

A candidate running for Sheffield City Region mayorhas said he felt he was being 'discriminated against' after being snubbed from a hustings debate.
What can be done to boost civic engagement in cities like Leeds?

YP Letters: Low voter turnout is just a symptom of wider malaise

From: Michael Meadowcroft, Former Liberal MP, Waterloo Lane, Bramley, Leeds.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Chris Moncrieff: Jeremy Corbyn’s critics may have to break away

IS the Labour Party slowly but remorselessly losing faith in Jeremy Corbyn?

Police officers on patrol as MPs consider new laws to 'protect the protectors' from assault.

The Yorkshire Post says: Time to protect the protectors. 6,000 reasons to back law change

THE landmark ‘Protect the Protectors’ Bill passing through Parliament should not be about party politics.

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Should prospective councillors in Sheffield have to publish full CVs?

YP Letters: Politicians should show us their CVs

From: Anne Fletcher, Sheffield.


Politicians challenged to listen as thousands back anti-Brexit march

ORGANISERS of a major anti-Brexit march say politicians need to sit up and take note after huge crowds gathered in Leeds.

Theresa May made an official visit to China last month to encourage post-Brexit investment in the UK. But will Britain be stronger once it leaves the EU?  (Picture: Stefan Rousseau /PA wire).

William Wallace: As brexit looms, has it all been worth it?

Exit day from the European Union is fixed for March 29, 2019: 12 months from now. Yet Theresa May and her Cabinet have not yet told Parliament or the public what sort of future relationship they want to negotiate with our most important economic and security partners.

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Placards and flags are held in rally against Brexit. Pic PA

Which roads will be closed when thousands gather to anti-Brexit march in Leeds?

Thousands are expected to gather in Leeds tomorrow (Saturday) to take part in The Great Northern March.

General Election

Caroline Flint: How our town learned to believe the sky’s the limit

Doncaster is a changing place. Like many coalfield communities it has seen its share of hard times.

Is Putin a threat to the West? (AP).

Bernard Ingham: Putin might not get just deserts – but Labour will if it keeps Corbyn

Any conversation I have these days invariably ends with a two word query: whatever next?

Opinion 2
Council tax bills are going up by around five per cent across Yorkshire.

Jayne Dowle: Stop squeezing councils and look for alternatives

TOMORROW’S Spring Statement from the Chancellor is timed to coincide spookily with the arrival of new council tax bills on our doorsteps.

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