General Election

General Election

Brexit Chaos: What happens after the meaningful vote?

Judgement day looms for Theresa May’s much-maligned Brexit deal. Despite a few last-minute declarations of support, all the talk in the corridors of power is not on whether she will lose it but by how much, with current predictions stretching to over 200. So, with almost certain defeat on the horizon, what happens next?

General Election

With the big freeze and heavy snow expected in the coming weeks, people are clamouring to book their holidays in the sun, and while vacations are usually simple to arrange, Brexit is throwing holidaymakers’ travel plans into disarray. 

The Conservative Party stands most to gain in Yorkshire and the Humber if Labour help some form of Brexit over the line, according to a YouGov poll of more 2,000 voters across the region.  
Action is needed, says Tory MP Luke Pollard, to halt bank closures.

Luke Graham: Why banks must be made to pay for branch closures

AS a liberal Conservative, I believe in the free market. However, many banks and financial institutions must shoulder a considerable burden of responsibility for the 2008 recession and their subsequent actions. They have endangered customers and taken money from the Government. Now they are happily abandoning some of the most vulnerable communities they claim to support.

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