Dan Jarvis fans start #stepupDanJarvis hashtag

Labour MP for Barnsley Central, Dan Jarvis
Labour MP for Barnsley Central, Dan Jarvis
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FANS of the Labour MP Dan Jarvis have sent him a barrage of Twitter messages asking him to stand in a potential Labour leadership election.

Former paratrooper Mr Jarvis, the Barnsley Central MP, has been sent messages of support and encouragement to run against Jeremy Corbyn if a Labour leadership election is called following today’s vote of no confidence.

Mr Jarvis ruled himself out of the contest in 2015, and has not indicated he would want to stand if the opportunity arose.

Peter Holt @peterholt99 wrote: “@DanJarvisMP we’ve never met, but I hope you can help? Please run for the leadership. Our party needs a fresh start and you’re it.”

Member @timex010101 appears to have set up their account just to message people to say: “#StepUpDanJarvis spread the word!”

Martin J Whiteley @MJWhiteley wrote: “Hi @DanJarvisMP - You da man!! The only candidate who can deliver a centre-left pact with LD+Green to beat Tories/UKIP.”

Rupert Bound @burlychassis wrote: “@DanJarvisMP Get your helmet on Dan, Britain needs you.”

@divojen wrote: “@DanJarvisMP spread the word #StepUpDanJarvis.”

Colin Whiting, a Conservative who voted for Brexit said Mr Jarvis would provide a strong and credible opposition.

He said: “I’m a Tory Leaver who believes a strong and credible opposition is vital to any Government. You should stand to lead Labour.

There were other messages to Mr Jarvis saying his country needed him.

@NewLabourLives wrote: “There is no point changing Corbyn for someone else who can’t win GE. Watson can’t. @DanJarvisMP CAN!”