‘Vote to stay to help next Labour government’ - Miliband

Ed Miliband speaks to Labour supporters and shoppers in Doncaster today
Ed Miliband speaks to Labour supporters and shoppers in Doncaster today
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ED MILIBAND has urged party supporters to vote to stay in the European Union to help the next Labour government.

The former Labour leader was heckled as he stood in Doncaster’s main shopping area alongside his successor and fellow local MPs to urge his party’s supporters and passers-by to vote Remain in next month’s referendum.

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Mr Miliband said: “We stand for remaining in the European Union for a very simple reason.

“We want a Labour government as soon as possible but that Labour government will find it much easier to change this country and make it a fairer country if we are inside not outside the EU.

“Think of all the issues we face, trade with other countries, climate change, making companies pay their taxes, every single issue we are stronger working with others than we are on our own.”

Earlier the Doncaster North MP defended the claims Remain campaigners have made about the potential impact of leaving the European Union insisting it was “right to point out the risks because I think it is a leap into the unknown”.

He continued: “I want to make a positive case to people, the positive case is that I want to change the country but the way to change the country is by being in the EU and working with our allies, moving away from austerity with our allies, tackling climate change with our allies, tackling tax avoidance by companies with our allies.

“I think we are better off in and we can change the country better in not out.”

Mr Miliband urged younger voters to make their voice heard on June 23 because it will have a major impact on the future and the “generational issues” they face.

“Whatever position young people take in this referendum, don’t let older folk like me make the decision for you.

“We know [UK Independence Party leader] Nigel Farage is going to vote in this referendum don’t let him decide your future for you.”