Health Secretary Matt Hancock to visit Yorkshire's NHS

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The Health Secretary Matt Hancock will visit Yorkshire’s NHS today - but it has not been revealed what stops he will make, or who he will speak to.

Mr Hancock visited Scarborough Hospital yesterday (Thursday) and in a video posted on Twitter this morning, seemingly recorded halfway down a country road, he said: “It’s Yorkshire, it’s before seven in the morning, it’s raining, and we’re ready to go.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Photo: PA

Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Photo: PA

He said he had a "pre-dawn start visiting NHS upgrades across Yorkshire".

Mr Hancock spoke with hospital bosses, staff and patients in Scarborough yesterday and discussed the details of the £40m investment plan to transform the hospital's A&E department.

He said: "I can see nothing but expansion of the services available in Scarborough, we're hiring more nurses, we're hiring more doctors because we do need more nurses and doctors in Scarborough just like in the rest of the country."

He added: "The NHS means a huge amount to me, it's been there in some of the most important moments in my life, both great moments and some of the most difficult, and this is why people in this country have an emotional connection to the NHS so the money is going in and the expansion is going in and they were going in well before we announced this election."