Here's why heavy good vehicles are banned for this Yorkshire village

Heavy goods vehicles will soon have to steer clear of roads going through Flockton - or face action.

A 7.5 tonnes weight restriction to various roads in the Flockton, Emley and Middlestown area has been in place since 1971 to reduce the amount of heavy goods vehicles. Picture: JPIMedia

Weight restrictions have been in place on various roads through Flockton, Emley and Middlestown for almost 50 years in a bid to reduce the amount of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

But in recent years, police have been unable to enforce against the increasing numbers of heavy good vehicles travelling through Flockton Village on Barnsley Road, despite road signs informing drivers of the restriction.

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Now senior councillors in Kirklees have taken action give police the powers they need to stop the drivers.

They have updated the existing enforcement order, providing more clarity on what vehicles are exempt from the restriction, a cabinet meeting heard on Tuesday, despite objections from some resident about access and delivery of goods.

Director of economy and infrastructure at Kirklees Council, Karl Battersby, said: “In recent years police have been unable to enforce this order so our work with them to rewrite it, making it fit for use, will prove invaluable for the community.

"Enforcement will deter heavy goods vehicles drivers from using the route illegally, which will benefit all pedestrians in the village, in particular those children walking to the school which is in the centre of the village.

“In order for this to work we do have to have exemptions for certain vehicles. Without this other traffic and access issues will be caused. We’ve worked closely with police on this order and they’re fully supportive of our proposals and are now prepared to enforce them.”

The order will be implemented in the coming weeks.