Hull voters get ballot papers with two candidates missing

NEARLY 500 voters in Hull have been sent General Election postal ballots missing two candidates, including the Labour incumbent.

Picture: PA Wire

Karl Turner, running to defend Kingston upon Hull East, said he had been told by the returning officer the issue involved the second tranche of postal ballots sent to 476 voters.

Green candidate Sarah Walpole is also missing from the ballot papers, all of which will be cancelled and reissued to voters in time for polling day.

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Postal votes can be returned by hand to polling stations on May 7 in the event voters have not returned them by post.

Mr Turner said: “It’s not very good but at least they are doing their best to resolve it.

“I think providing it is resolved, it is not a problem legally for them to correct it.

“We think it is confined to a small number, it’s the second tranche of ballot papers. They have checked the originals that went out in the first round and they are all fine. In the second tranche it was 476.

“They will be put in the dustbin and the (voters) will receive a new ballot paper, hopefully speedily.

“It’s embarrassing for the local authority. It’s a mistake but these things happen.”

Mr Turner won the seat in 2010 with a majority of more than 8,500.

Green agent in Hull Martin Deane said: “It’s very unfortunate what’s happened.

“It’s serious enough because it’s getting very close (to polling day) now. It’s starting to cut it fine, but it should be just about OK.”