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The Yorkshire Post says: Another mess as Government cancels its own early holiday

THE GOVERNMENT could not have been more disingenuous when it cited a lack of official business for its now-failed attempt to bring forward Parliament’s six- week summer recess by five days.

Has Donald Trump strengthened Theresa May's resolve over Brexit?

Bernard Ingham: Maverick Trump shows us how to get tough with the EU

SO was the Devil confounded? Or is President Donald Trump owt for tuppence, a bag of egotistical wind and a load of brazen smarm? Where does his eventful visit to the UK leave us?

Donald Trump has launched a blistering attack on the state of Britain today.

GP Taylor: President Trump told the ugly truth about modern Britain

LAST week, it took an American pensioner with a very bad combover to point out to the world what a mess Britain really is in. We might not have liked what he had said, but it was the truth. In a few short sentences, he summed up the state of our nation.

Theresa May is under fresh fire over Brexit.

Chris Moncrieff: May on brink as Corbyn awaits chance

NO wonder Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is so desperate to go for the kill. But the prospects of an early general election, which Corbyn so eagerly desires, seem remote unless the Government is defeated on a vote of confidence.

For many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the transition to civilian life is the toughest battle of all.

The Yorkshire Post says: The hardest battle. Soldiers and fight against PTSD

TOO many military veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have died suddenly for these tragedies to be dismissed as coincidence. Yet, because there’s no formal way of collating the outcomes of inquests into these deaths, the seriousness of the issue is unclear.

Former West Indies cricketer Collis King is caught up in a visa row.

The Yorkshire Post says: King left stumped. Cricket legend in Windrush row

AFTER A typically buccaneering innings by Collis King swung the 1979 World Cup final in favour of the West Indies, he has become a familiar – and formidable – figure in Yorkshire’s cricket leagues.

A fracking rig at Kirby Misperton.

Samuel Ribansky: Why Brexit also means fracking if Britain is to secure energy independence

WHAT do Brexit, gas, Yorkshire, and Lancashire have in common? Fracking. Having come across Friends of the Earth Europe’s website, I was informed that the ‘frack-war’ was alive and well. Companies are pushing for permits and people are concerned about the health, safety, and environmental aspects of shale gas extraction.

Countryside communities can enjoy a brighter future if longstanding connectivity issues are tackled effectively, rural leaders have told a House of Lords Select Committee.'Picture by James Hardisty.

Broadband is key to easing rural communities crisis, peers told

A fixation on the decline of rural bus services is last century thinking and the real solution to saving countryside communities is better connectivity, a panel of peers have been told.

Jared O'Mara. Picture: Dean Atkins

Sheffield MP Jared O'Mara cuts back work in Westminster on doctor's orders days after quitting Labour

The controversial Sheffield MP Jared O'Mara has restricted his parliamentary duties on medical advice - days after resigning from the Labour Party and opting to continue sitting as an independent.
An artist's impression of how the scheme will look

Doncaster councillors approve plan to spend £10m on new town centre cinema and restaurants

A plan to spend £10 million of local authority money on a new cinema and restaurants has been approved by councillors.

Is enough being done to encourage cycling in Harrogate?

YP Letters: Get on your bike to get Harrogate moving

From: N Horn, Harrogate.

What will Brexit mean in practice?

YP Letters: What will Brexit mean for co-operation on public health

From: Niall Dickson, Co-chair, Brexit Health Alliance.

Sheffield remains at the centre of a tree felling controversy.

YP Letters: Sheffield Council talks compromise over trees while going on attack

From: Chris Rust, Co-Chair, STAG, Sheffield Tree Action Groups.

David Davis has resigned as Brexit Secretary.

John Redwood: My suspicion that Remain-supporting civil servants are dragging their feet on Brexit

DAVID Davis’s resignation letter raised important issues about the process of government.

We learned from the background
to it that the Secretary of State for Brexit, who should be the principal adviser of the Prime Minister on these matters, and the main negotiator under the PM, was often sidelined by the official Civil Service.

Theresa May put on a brave face as she opened the Farnborough International Airshow.

The Yorkshire Post says: No halt to the Brexit mayhem. Ministerial resignations mount

THE political pressure on Theresa May shows no sign of alleviating after a ninth resignation by a Government member who believes the Prime Minister’s watered-down Brexit is incompatible with the outcome of the 2016 referendum.

What is the future of the North York Moors/

The Yorkshire Post says: When will politicians value the rural economy?

THE NEW action plan for the North York Moors mirrors, in many respects, the policy challenges facing the Yorkshire Dales and other national parks across the country. Unless more job opportunities are created, and a new generation of affordable housing built, the erosion of key public services and amenities will continue.

What more can be done to tackle age discrimination?

The Yorkshire Post says: Age-old questions. No substitute for experience

THOUGH life, it is said, begins at 40, it appears to end at 50 judging by the continuing prevalence of age discrimination in the workplace according to a hard-hitting Parliamentary report.

Jared OMara MP.

Labour to 'continue offer of support' to Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O’Mara

Labour is to offer “continued support” to Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O’Mara after he quit the party with a surprise announcement.


Officials accepted Virgin Trains East Coast bid despite believing it was overly ambitious

Department for Transport officials have admitted accepting a bid from now-collapsed Virgin Trains East Coast to run services on the East Coast Main Line despite believing it was overly ambitious, MPs heard yesterday.


Why Justine Greening is right - there needs to be a second EU referendum, says Andrew Vine

IT’S a strange and unsettling feeling to be living in a country where the Government has effectively ceased to function, writes Andrew Vine.

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