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YP Letters: Are politicians up to job of life after Brexit?

From: Alan Machin, Doncaster.

Can patients do more to assist the NHS?

YP Letters: Abuse of appointments piles pressure on a stretched NHS

From: Mrs W Abbott, Boulsworth Avenue, Hull.

Is there still an economic case for fracking?

YP Letters: Fossil fuels vital for transition to green future

From: Sam Grant, York.

Sheffield City Region mayor Dan Jarvis has promised to fight for a One Yorkshire devolution deal.

‘Ruthless’ Jarvis will fight for One Yorkshire

Dan Jarvis has promised to be “ruthless” in ensuring Yorkshire wins powers and money from Westminster and unites under one mayor.

Justine Greening is the former Education Secretary.

Justine Greening: How working in Morrisons taught lessons about work that set me up for life

MY first job was at Morrisons supermarket in Rotherham when I was 17. I was studying for my A-levels at Thomas Rotherham College. It wasn’t a job stacking shelves.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn used PMQs to tell Theresa May to step aside.

Tom Richmond: Labour lays bare its lack of clarity in Brexit attack

JEREMY Corbyn had clearly not heard one of his Brexit ministers in action when he impertinently told Theresa May to step aside – and let Labour negotiate Britain’s new customs arrangements with the European Union.

NHS targets and fines penalise staff.

The Yorkshire Post says: Do NHS targets penalise staff? £90m fine appears self-defeating

THE use of targets in the NHS, schools and other aspects of the public sector need to be placed in context.

Speakwer John Bercow has been accused of calling Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the Commons, a "stupid woman".

The Yorkshire Post says: Out of order again. Why the Speaker should resign

TOO many allegations from senior sources have now been made about the behaviour of John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, for them to be treated in isolation. The cumulative effect was already detracting from his ability to preside over Parliament before the latest revelations.


The Yorkshire Post says: A year of dither after Grenfell Tower fire. Ministers must show urgency

THE EMOLLIENCE of Housing Secretary James Brokenshire over Grenfell Tower can be explained by the fact that he was not in post when more than 70 people were killed last June. Just three weeks into the role, his instincts are sincerely-held. “We must create a culture that truly puts people and their safety first, that inspires confidence and, yes, rebuilds public trust,” the Minister told MPs.

New Harrogate mayor - Flashback to when Coun Bernard Bateman, right, was Mayor of Ripon at the opening of Ripon Canal in 2002.

Revealed: Harrogate's new mayor for 2018-19

Each new mayor for the Harrogate district brings something new to the role.
Should the Brexit vote be overturned?

YP Letters: There’s still no plan for Brexit, so stop this leap in the dark

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

Opinion 1
Richard Flint is chief executive of Sky Betting & Gaming.

Richard Flint: Don’t gamble with tech sector over betting reforms

THE Government has published its response to the long anticipated Gambling Review and the headline measure was a reduction in the maximum stake on FOBTs – fixed odds betting terminals – to £2.

The maximum stake for fixed odds betting terminals is to be reduced to �2.

Adam Bradford: My father went to jail because of his gambling habit. Why Government must go further with betting reforms

IN a landmark ruling, the Government has slashed the stakes on highly addictive fixed odds betting terminals from the staggering £100 every 20 seconds to £2. I am personally delighted by the decision.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel at yesterday's gathering of EU leaders.

Nick Baines: The power of language – and how it can help the world to rise to its challenges

DOES Theresa May speak French? Or German? Or any other foreign European language?

David Cameron was the architect of Project Fear.

Bill Carmichael: Brexit – why should we believe Remainers now?

WE’VE been treated to another hilarious classic by the comedic geniuses behind Project Fear this week.

The maximum bet on fixed odds betting terminals is to be reduced to �2.

The Yorkshire Post says: Calculated risks. One gamble not worth taking

BY decreeing that the maximum amount people can stake on fixed-odds betting terminals should be lowered to £2, the Government has shown that it does still have a social conscience.

Pic: Google.

Developer can 'deliver on promise' for Leeds homes and health centre after 18 years

A delighted developer has said that a promise he made to a Leeds community 18 years ago can finally be delivered after councillors moved the plans on for approval.
Lord John Prescott

‘Northern Powerhouse has made Manchester the London of the North’ - Lord Prescott

The Northern Powerhouse has made Manchester ‘the London of the North’, former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott has claimed.

A decision has been made on plans for the Harrogate branch

Will a live escape room come to Harrogate?

A ruling on plans for Harrogate’s first live escape room, giving residents the chance to battle the clock and crack puzzles, has been made.
President Donald Trump.

YP Letters: America stood with us in darkest hours of war and peace

From: Mike Smith, Birkby, Huddersfield.

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