Izzard bangs the Labour drum in marginal

EDDIE IZZARD became the latest celebrity to lend his backing to Labour as he appeared out and about campaigning in Chester for the party’s candidate Chris Matheson.

Eddie Izzard

The cross-dressing comedian and actor, a long-standing supporter of Labour, chatted to voters in the town’s Market Square before giving a speech from the plinth. The comedian also posed for selfies with fans before heading to Morecambe and Lancaster to see Labour candidate Amina Lone.

“I used to be a street performer so I used to perform with a loud hailer,” he said.

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“I am not being wheeled out by the Labour Party I am here voluntarily.”

His campaigning came as his party’s plans to legislate to ensure interns were paid ran into criticism from business leaders.

The British Chambers of Commerce warned that legislation could put work experience opportunities “at risk”.

Executive director Adam Marshall said: “While no business should use unpaid interns as a substitute for paid staff, no government should put the prospect of work experience at risk through blanket legislation or regulation.

“Rather than reaching straight for the regulatory option, it would be better to work with business to clarify the definition of what an internship is, how long it should last, and whether it should be remunerated.

“Business and government need to work together to bridge the gap between the world of education and work, and must therefore avoid any actions that put barriers in the way.”

A Conservative spokesman said: “If Labour are so concerned about unpaid internships, they should first explain why some of their celebrity supporters use them - not to mention many of their MPs.

“Exploiting unpaid interns is clearly unacceptable and employers who do so should be reported immediately.”