Jenkyns: We need stability in Downing Street

ONE of the leading figures in the Yorkshire Vote Leave campaign has urged David Cameron to remain in Downing Street.

Andrea Jenkyns on the campaign trail

Conservative Morley and Outwood MP Andrea Jenkyns called for “stability” following the Brexit vote but also insisted the decision should see more Leave supporters join the Cabinet.

Ms Jenkyns, who co-ordinated the campaigning of pro-Leave MPs in Yorkshire, was among 84 Conservative MPs who signed a letter before the result was known insisting Mr Cameron should continue as Prime Minister whatever the outcome.

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Speaking after Yorkshire’s overwhelming backing for Brexit was announced at Leeds Arena this morning, she said: “The way I look at it he’s been the Conservative Prime Minister for six years now, he’s been on the global stage and we need that safe pair of hands in choppy waters.

“I also think we’ve got to have strong Brexit people in the cabinet as well because we need to make sure this negotiation really speaks to the British public and we get the best deal for Britain but in this period of uncertainty we need that safe pair of hands.

“The Prime Minister delivered on his manifesto promise to hold this referendum, A Conservative Prime Minister who has delivered this manifesto promise and quite frankly I’m proud of that.”

Ms Jenkyns said it was “understandable” the more than 40 per cent of the country who voted Remain would be anxious following the Brexit vote following the dire economic warnings from the Remain campaign.

She continued: “We are a great country, let’s not forget we are already the fifth largest economy in the world, the fourth largest spender on defence and we are part of the UN Security Council, we are already a big player.

“Europe is not going to pull up the drawbridge and neither are we.”

The victory caps off a remarkable 12 months for Ms Jenkyns who became an MP just last May when she defeated then Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls in one of the most remarkable results of the General Election.

She said: “It’s been amazing and I’m still pinching myself from what happened last year really.

“But as a proud Yorkshire woman I’m so pleased that Yorkshire has voted Brexit, that’s a great moment for me.”