Labour MP apologises to Greg Knight for suggesting Boris Johnson might take his East Yorkshire seat

A Labour MP has apologised for suggesting the Prime Minister could stand in a Yorkshire seat where the Tory incumbent is not retiring.

Tory MP for East Yorkshire Greg Knight. Photo: JPI Media

Rumours have swirled over whether Boris Johnson is going to stand again in his Uxbridge constituency, despite Number 10 saying it was “categorically untrue” that he would stand elsewhere.

And Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth Stephen Doughty said in the Commons: "Is he aware of the interesting rumour that has reached my ears that the Prime Minister might be planning not to stand in his own constituency at an upcoming general election, and that he has apparently instead lined up Sevenoaks or East Yorkshire?"

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But Mr Doughty later had to apologise, as Tory MP Sir Greg Knight has already been selected to contest the seat.

He tweeted: “Just to clarify in relation to my point of order to the PM I wrongly referenced the #EastYorkshire seat of the very decent Greg Knight - in error - as he is in fact re-adopted as a candidate for any General Election! My mistake for which I just apologised.”

Sir Greg, who became a viral hit for his unusual campaign video at the 2017 election, replied: “Labour MP Stephen Doughty has graciously withdrawn his mistaken assertion. We might see Boris back in East Yorkshire as a tourist though.”