'Lazy planning' for traveller sites on Knaresborough Green Belt

Green belt land near Knaresborough being allocated as permanent traveller sites has been branded as '˜lazy planning' by town councillors.

Cass Lane is among the Green Belt sites put forward

Harrogate Borough Council unveiled its draft Local Plan last week. It included outlining how it would find six pitches needed for travellers in the district. Four of these have to be found within the next five years.

Three sites have been put forward, two currently temporarily authorised traveller sites on Cass Lane and a single unauthorised site on Thistle Hill.

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Knaresborough Town Coun and Deputy Mayor for Harrogate, Christine Willoughby said: “This is just lazy planning in my opinion, taking these existing sites and legitimising them. It is just easier for the planners.

“This is green belt land, we have turned down applications for houses due to the impact they could have on the area.”

Residents and the town council have previously flagged concerns over the sites during the additional consultation period that ended in August this year.