Leeds firm selling 25 'Brexit boxes' of emergency food per day

A Leeds company marketing boxes of freeze-dried food in anticipation of a no-deal Brexit has reported huge demand for the emergency packages.

Emergency Food Storage UK, who have offices on Queen Square in Leeds city centre, are selling the 'Brexit box' to stockpilers for £300, and are shifting around 25 versions of the product every day since launching it last month.

The Yorkshire Post Says: Blocking Brexit is not an option - it would subvert democracyAlthough they've been accused of profiteering from 'fear' of the possibility of imported food shortages in the event of a no-deal scenario, the company's founder James Blake insists they are just trying to help people prepare for any eventuality.

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Andrew Vine: Now we will find out what the future holdsThe ready-made supply kits consist of 60 meals, plus additional meat products to supplement meals, a fire starter, water filter, and energy gel.

The contents of the Brexit box

“We had sold about 604 at last count three days ago, and more since,” said Mr Blake.

“We’ve been selling around 25 per day, which isn’t bad. We’re not profiteering out of fear, we’re just trying to help people be ready in case of a no-deal. There looks like there could be significant disruption and the Government isn’t prepared.

“The Government doesn’t have a plan in place and there could be delays and shortages - this is just a way to help people. We’re selling the boxes at reduced prices. We’re not making a huge amount of money out of this.”

Mr Blake said he thinks there could be problems at the borders when the UK leaves the EU.

"I’m worried about the aftermath. The Brexit boxes are just to give people some wiggle room. If the worst does happen, will supermarkets be able to cope?”

Emergency Food Storage UK is better known for selling camping food and equipment - the food is made by Mountain House, which specialises in freeze-dried products.