Listed: The key points in the Ukip manifesto

Here are the key points from the Ukip manifesto that has been released today:

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall arrives to launch his party's General Election manifesto at One Great George Street in central London. PA


:: Six key tests to pass to ensure Britain is "free of the EU", including supremacy of Parliament on laws, migration, fishing and trade.

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:: Brexit negotiations to be completed by the end of 2019.

:: Guarantee of no divorce payment to the European Union.

:: A new public holiday on June 23 to mark the anniversary of the EU referendum, known as Independence Day.

:: Reinstate the blue British passport when the contract comes up for renewal in 2019.


:: Scrap HS2 rail project, the Barnett formula and reduce foreign aid spending to 0.2% of gross national income to fund public spending.

:: Raise personal tax allowance to £13,500 and increase 40% income tax threshold to £55,000. This will increase to £100,000 "when economic conditions allow".

:: Increase inheritance tax threshold to £500,000 per person, with a view to scrapping it altogether.

:: Women allowed to retire at 60.

:: Cut business rates by 20% for firms with a rateable value of less than £55,000.

:: Protect workers' rights and tighten rules on zero hours contracts.

:: Abolish the TV licence fee.

:: Remove VAT from domestic energy bills and scrap the green levies that subsidise renewable energy schemes.

:: Remove VAT from takeaway food and sanitary products.

:: Enforce the minimum and living wage.


:: Aim to reduce net migration to zero over a five-year period, with the establishment of a Migration Control Commission.

:: Introduce an Australian-style points-based system and a work permit system for all applicants, except those from the Republic of Ireland.

:: Points-based system will "test the social attitudes of migration applicants to foster community cohesion and protect core British values".

:: Place a "moratorium on unskilled and low-skilled immigration" in the five years after the country leaves the EU.

:: Introduce a seasonal worker scheme with six-month visas to help sectors such as agriculture.

:: Will "honour our obligations to bona fide asylum seekers" under UN rules.

:: Introduce a new International Visa System, with work, tourist and visitor, student, and family reunion visas.

:: New migrants will have to make tax and national insurance contributions for at least five consecutive years before being eligible for UK benefits or non-urgent NHS care.

:: No amnesty for illegal immigrants.

:: Right to stay for "law-abiding EU citizens living in the UK before Article 50 was triggered", but those who entered after March 29 2017 will "lose access to all benefits, including non-urgent healthcare".


:: Build up to 100,000 affordable factory-built homes each year which will be available to British citizens aged under 40 years old.

:: Set up a Housing Development Corporation to acquire brownfield sites and streamline planning laws to allow the HDC to build up to 100 homes on the average site.

:: Review into housing associations.

Health and social care

:: Deliver an additional £9 billion a year to NHS England by 2021/22.

:: Spend £2 billion extra on social care.

:: Lift cap on medical school places from 7,500 to 10,000 and pay cost of tuition fees if students commit to working in the NHS for 10 years after qualification.

:: Scrap 1% pay cap for frontline NHS staff earning less than £35,000.

:: Crack down on non-urgent care for ineligible foreign nationals.

:: Get rid of hospital parking charges.

:: Boost spending on mental health by £500 million every year.

:: Improve mental health support for veterans and serving military personnel.

Education and childcare

:: End sex education in primary schools.

:: Open a grammar school in every town with transfer exams up to 16 to give more children the chance to attend a grammar.

:: Stop paying tuition fees for courses which do not lead at least two thirds of students into a graduate-level job within five years.

:: First aid training will be a statutory requirement for all children.

:: Boost childcare provision and extend the primary school day by offering childcare from 8am to 6pm during term time.

Older people and disabled

:: Protect winter fuel allowance, free bus passes and prescriptions for pensioners.

:: Retain triple lock pension.

:: Scrap the bedroom tax, preserve disability benefits and review work capability assessments.

:: Increase the Carer's Allowance from £62.70 per week to £73.10 a week, to match the higher level of Job Seeker's Allowance.

Crime and justice

:: Screening for girls at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) and toughen up sentence for perpetrators.

:: Ban wearing the niqab and burqa in public places

:: Tougher measures to prevent radicalisation in schools

:: Declare new bank holidays on St George's Day (April 23) in England and St David's Day (March 1) in Wales.

:: Official documents will only be published in English and, if appropriate, Welsh or Gaelic.

:: Train 20,000 more police and employ 7,000 more prison officers.

:: Boost "stop and search" techniques to tackle knife crime.

:: Opt out of European Arrest Warrant

:: Repeal licensing laws allowing more relaxed opening hours for pubs, clubs and bars.

International and defence

:: Reduce foreign aid spending to 0.2% of national spending and close down the Department for International Development.

:: Offer the people of Gibraltar a referendum on becoming fully British, and having their own MP in the House of Commons.

:: Avoid British involvement in foreign conflicts.

:: Retain Britain's nuclear deterrent.

:: Create new hospital ship to deliver relief in conflict zones and humanitarian crises.

:: Spend 2% of GDP on defence, boosting defence spending by an additional £1 billion per year by the end of the parliament.

:: Offer better support for veterans through a newly-created Veterans' Administration, including fast-track access to NHS care.


:: Remove existing road tolls and scrap the HS2 high-speed rail project.

:: Prevent diesel drivers from being penalised through higher taxes, parking fees or emissions zone charging while retaining the scrappage scheme, which gives diesel car owners up to £2,000 to get rid of their vehicles.

:: Freeze air passenger duty at current levels.

Environment and farming

:: Prioritise use of brownfield land over greenfield land for housing.

:: Major infrastructure projects will be required to give greater respect to natural environments.

:: Review possibility of bottle deposit scheme.

:: Farming subsidies capped at £120,000 per year.

:: Tighten regulation of Jewish and Islamic butchery, bring in CCTV to abattoirs and label all meat with method of slaughter.

:: Repeal the Climate Change Act and support a diverse energy market based on coal, nuclear, shale gas, conventional gas, oil, solar and hydro.


:: Abolish the House of Lords and create an English Parliament in its place with its own First Minister and 375 elected members, similar to the devolved administrations.

:: Reduce the size of the House of Commons to 325 MPs.

:: Reform voting in favour of a more proportional electoral system.