Live updates as Leeds For Europe hold flash protest against Boris Johnson in Leeds city centre

Protest group Leeds For Europe has unveiled plans to hold a protest at 5.30pm in Leeds' City Square.

Leeds For Europe will protest in Leeds today
Leeds For Europe will protest in Leeds today

The Prime Minister has revealed plans to prorogue Parliament from mid-September after news broke that around 160 MPs are planning to band together to block any possible no-deal Brexit from being pushed through.

Cynics have labelled the plans to prorogue Parliament as a bid to railroad through a no-deal Brexit by reducing the amount of time MPs have to block the plans.

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A spokesman for Leeds For Europe said: "This is an emergency! Parliament is being shut down by a Prime Minister who wants to bypass it to force through #Brexit.

"Join the resistance now. Flash protest in City Square #Leeds 5.30pm Thursday."

It is not clear whether the group will march, or stay static at Leeds Square - a march may mean delays to traffic and buses in city centre streets.

The UK is set to leave the European Union on October 31.

Leeds For Europe

The protest comes weeks after Excinction Rebellion blocked off Victoria Bridge for five days, causing traffic chaos in a bid to draw attention to environmental issues.