May backs debate on recall of elected police and crime tsars

The Home Secretary has acknowledged “there is a debate to be had” over bringing in powers to recall elected police and crime commissioners (PCCs).

Theresa May: Debate to be had about recall of elected individuals.

Theresa May’s comments came as beleaguered South Yorkshire PCC Shaun Wright, who has resisted many calls to quit, was grilled by MPs about his knowledge of the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

Mrs May said discussions over the recall of PCCs would follow the debate over introducing similar powers for MPs.

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It has been reported that a senior group of PCCs is drawing up ideas to improve their own accountability between elections including giving the public the right to recall Commissioners via a petition.

Granting the Home Secretary the power to sack PCCs in extreme circumstances, such as in South Yorkshire where Mr Wright is clinging to his post, will also be considered.

Addressing the Police Superintendents’ Association annual conference, the Home Secretary said: “We’re looking at the question of recall of members of parliament.

“Some people say that should be apply to police and crime commissioners.

“The circumstances that are being set for MPs in terms of the sorts of triggers don’t actually apply to police and crime commissioners.

“But I think there’s a debate to be had about that whole question about recall of elected individuals.”

She added: “I think there 
is a debate to be had around