A message of love to Leeds from our biggest fan - the US ambassador

the charms of Leeds have found their newest fan as the US Ambassador to the UK declares “I love Leeds.”

US ambassador to the UK Matthew Barzun has told of his love of sister city Leeds.

Matthew Barzun has revealed how he frequently urges friends and colleagues to get out of London and see the rest of the UK, including Leeds.

The Ambassador picked Leeds as it is twinned with his home town of Louisville Kentucky, he said.

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Speaking to journalists at a parliamentary lunch, Mr Barzun said.

“I love London and it’s the capital, the cultural capital, the economic capital, but you look at the voting results on any election and London doesn’t vote like the UK votes , and there are wonderful cities out there.

“I come from a city called Louiseville Kentucky. When I came here I wanted to get out and see the UK and what I say to my London friends is I love getting out of London, and they’ll assume I mean somewhere else and I’ll say no, I mean Leeds. I love Leeds, they say why do you love Leeds?

“There’s lots of reasons to love Leeds, one of them is that Leeds’ twin sister city is Louisville Kentucky.”