Natwest building in Yeadon will become a bar despite residents' concerns

Decision-makers in Leeds have agreed to grant a bar licence, despite concerns from local people.

The former Natwest building in Yeadon. Photo: Google

Leeds City Council’s licensing sub-committee heard an application to open a bar at the former Natwest building in Silver Lane, Yeadon.

The terms of the licence would allow the bar to play recorded music and serve alcohol until 11pm from Sunday to Thursday and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Representing applicant Dave Watson, Paddy Whur told the committee: “He’s putting everything into this. He’s not a big operator who can fall back on something else if anything goes wrong. He’s bringing a redundant but rather nice building back in a sympathetic way.

“We have only had what I would call a moderate level of concern from local residents.”

But John Melvyn Wray, who lives locally, said he was concerned drinkers might keep vulnerable residents awake during the weekends.

He added: “Many people going on to the Shaw Lane area will have to walk past the old people’s home. I understand you are going to do your best to keep people in order, but when people have had a few drinks, you can’t be responsible for their behaviour.”

Mr Whur responded: “We think the hours are reasonable and modest - they are in line with traditional pub hours.

“It’s certainly been my experience that the better you run a premises, the better people will behave there.”

The committee concluded that the licence should be granted, as the opening hours were comparable to other establishments in the area.