Northern Powerhouse

Northern Powerhouse
A worker at the Vivergo plant at Hull, which turns surplus what into bioethanol fuel.

How animal feed leftovers could power your car

It may seem like a long time ago now but, during its construction phase, the Vivergo Fuels plant at Hessle near Hull was second only to the London Olympic Park among the UK’s biggest development projects.

Fertilising the fields at ReFood's Doncaster plant.

How they’re turning food waste into energy in Doncaster

One of the more arresting facts of modern life is that one third of the food produced in the UK never gets eaten. In other words, for every dinner for two, a dinner for one goes straight into the bin – and from there, all too often into a hole in the ground.

Steve Milner Founder & Managing Director of Earthmill.' 'Picture: Will Ashton

Why it’s getting harder to cultivate a sustainable future

Farms across the region have shown that when given the right support they are more than willing to drive the green agenda. Whether it’s drawing energy from wind power, anaerobic digestion or solar PV systems, farms have been receptive to new green technology.

Adler & Allan responds to a hazardous spill when a tanker overturns.

In the front line when disaster strikes

It’s not often that the boss of a company gets his boots on to help with the clear-up in the aftermath of a flood. But that is exactly what Mark Calvert, CEO of Harrogate-based Adler & Allan, did during the winter floods of 2015-16.

An architect's CGI impression of the new Climate Innovation District in Leeds.

Can green living thrive in Leeds city centre?

Tired of traffic congestion, poor air-quality and the daily grind? The Yorkshire developer Citu believes it can help to ease some of the greatest burdens facing modern city-dwellers through developments that speed up the transition towards “zero”-carbon cities.

Andy Koss, CEO of Drax Power. Picture: James Hardisty

Why is government stalling on green revolution at Drax?

In the unfolding drama of Britain’s green revolution, a North Yorkshire power plant has found itself cast as one of the main protagonists. And it’s a heroic part. Smouldering away on the flatlands of the lower Ouse, Drax is the UK’s largest power station and since opening in 1974 it has played a major role in the country’s coal-fired energy production.

Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy at the UK Northern Powerhouse conference

YP Comment: The North needs a Cabinet voice

EXACTLY one month ago, Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy took it upon himself to veto a Yorkshire-wide devolution deal and challenged each city-region here to come up with their own leadership structure.

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