Officials sent to York to scout out potential sites for House of Lords move

Downing Street has confirmed Government staff have been sent to York to scope out possible locations for the House of Lords.

It was reported earlier this month that Boris Johnson could suggest moving the House of Lords to York as part of the PM’s bid to connect people away from London - especially in the North - with democracy.

But peers poured cold water on the idea as they scoffed at the suggestion in the chamber, with the soon-to-be Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell even suggesting Bishopthorpe could host a marquee for the Lords.

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Despite this, Mr Johnson’s Chief of Staff Sir Eddie Lister and Cabinet Office officials were reported to have been dispatched to scope out potential sites for any move.

Stock photo of York. Photo: JPI Media

Downing Street said it was the case that some staff had been sent to York but there were no further details about any locations.

Earlier in the month Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly yesterday said moving the Lords out of London was an option being considered by ministers.

Mr Cleverly told Sky News: "What we are looking at is a whole range of options about making sure every part of the UK feels properly connected from politics.

"When the PM stood up the day after the election and said this is going to be the people's government he meant it. That meant connecting people with government and politics.

"The referendum in 2016 wasn't just about our relationship with the EU, it was about millions of people and their relationship with politics as a whole."

When pressed to say if the move would happen, Mr Cleverly said: "We might. It's one of a range of things that we are looking into.

"But fundamentally what this is about is about demonstrating that we are going to do things differently."