PMQs Verdict: A rare win for Corbyn

POLITICAL Editor James Reed gives his verdict on today's Prime Minister's Questions

Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs today

Labour MPs will this afternoon be shaking their heads and wondering “why can’t he do that every week?”

Jeremy Corbyn dropped his local radio presenter impersonation and instead conducted a considered examination of Theresa May’s new grammar school plan.

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The Prime Minister looked rattled as the Labour leader used all of his six questions to confront Mrs May with a range of evidence and expert opinion raising serious questions about the proposals.

Unwisely, Mrs May stuck to her approach of wheeling out pre-determined jibes which looked undignified last week and looked like an act of desperation today.

Labour MPs, the vast majority of whom want to see the back of Mr Corbyn, are having to come to terms with the likelihood that the party leadership election will not produce the change they are looking for.

They will desperately hope that today’s outbreak of competence is not a one-off.