Protesters take three-metre high letter calling for Matt Hancock's resignation to Yorkshire MP's office

Protesters delivered a petition to a Yorkshire MP's office, calling on him to condemn Matt Hancock’s affair whilst the country was in lockdown.

Jamie Turner and his mother, Karen Turner, with the letter

Jamie Turner, who could not visit his stepfather in hospital before his death in May, began the petition to call on Rother Valley MP Alexander Stafford to condemn the health secretary’s actions.

He gathered signatures on Friday (Jul 2) outside Mr Stafford’s constituency office on Laughton Road, with a three-metre high letter, a smaller version of which was delivered to Stafford’s office.

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The letter said: “Whilst thousands of people lay dying, scared and alone, whilst thousands of families wept, unable to say goodbye to their parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, the Tory Health Secretary, Matt Hancock enriched his friends and fondled his mistress.

“By remaining silent it is clear that you find it acceptable for us to have one rule for the government and another for the people."

“We want someone who is actually going to defend us,” Mr Turner said, “not just sit down hoping for a cushty job. He is supposed to be our representative and he’s not representing us. That’s the big issue I’ve got.”

Health Secretary Hancock stepped down from his role after his affair with aide Gina Coladangelo was revealed.

Footage emerged of Hancock in a compromising position with his aide, whilst the country was in lockdown in May 2020.

Mr Turner added that his stepfather Brian Turner was in hospital for the last few weeks of his life with pneumonia, and only his mum was allowed to visit – pointing out the hypocrisy of Hancock’s actions.

“My daughter – his granddaughter, was crying her eyes out, saying she wants to see granddad for the last time. We want you [Stafford] standing up for our rights.

“The response I am hoping for is for him to come out and say this is wrong. Matt Hancock should not have done that.”

Alexander Stafford has been contacted for comment.