Revealed: Numbers of new police officers to hit the streets in Yorkshire

Yorkshire has been promised more police officers. Photo: JPI Media
Yorkshire has been promised more police officers. Photo: JPI Media
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West Yorkshire will be among the areas with the most ambitious recruitment targets for new police officers as part of the Government's pledge to put 20,000 new coppers on the streets.

In the first wave of the roll-out, the Home Office will provide £750m to support the 43 forces to recruit up to 6,000 new officers by the end of 2020/21.

The initial target was announced by Home Secretary Priti Patel at a National Policing Board meeting with representatives of frontline officers and police leaders yesterday.

The 6,000 target in the first year is part of the government's drive to increase police ranks by 20,000 over the next three years.

The three forces with the highest recruitment target for the first year are the Metropolitan Police (1,360), West Midlands (366) and Greater Manchester (347).

Other forces set to get a big boost in their numbers include West Yorkshire (256), Merseyside (200), Northumbria (185) and Thames Valley (183).

The government's funding for recruitment in 2020-21 will cover all associated costs, including training and kit.

All new recruits will be on top of those hired to fill exiting vacancies, the Home Office said.

A statement from West Yorkshire Conservative MPs Stuart Andrew, Philip Davies, Andrea Jenkyns and Craig Whittaker said: “An additional 256 police officers for the streets of West Yorkshire is a very welcome boost in the fight to keep people safe and fight crime. But this is only the first step in the Government’s plans to tackle crime here and across the country, such as giving police officers all the powers and resources they need to protect themselves and others from harm.

“We see tackling crime as an issue which often crosses our desks as MPs, and these new recruits are a clear message to anyone thinking of turning to crime that we will be out to stop them wherever they are.

“Now it is up to West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure these new police officers are recruited as effectively and efficiently as possible and are deployed for maximum impact on our streets.”

In North Yorkshire the target is 58 new officers, while East Yorkshire and Humberside will aim for 97 new recruits.

Ms Patel said: "The public are clear they want to see more police officers on their streets, whether they live in the city or the countryside.

"This is the people's priority and it is exactly what the government is delivering.

"Every single police force in England and Wales will be able to recruit additional officers this year to help keep all of our communities safer."

Police Federation of England and Wales national chairman John Apter said: "Yesterday's meeting was constructive and it is important that we, as the largest police staff association, were at the table to ensure our members were represented.

"Investment in policing is long overdue and for the first time we now have the actual number of officers each local force will increase by in the next year.

"These figures have been based on the current funding formula models and while this method is not perfect, I accept it is the only solution available to deliver the numbers quickly in year one.

"We now need to ensure that the formula is revisited for future years to ensure a fairer allocation of officers across all forces, but this is certainly a positive start and will provide a much-needed boost to my members and the communities they serve."