Richard Burgon MP: Why Corbyn is still the best man for the job

A speech by Dan Jarvis MP setting out his vision for the Labour Party led to much media speculation it was the tentative start of a leadership bid.

But after a 48 hour rush of rumours and a denial from Mr Jarvis he wants the top job, shadow cities minister and Leeds East MP, Richard Burgon, explains why Jeremy Corbyn is still the best man to have at the top.

"For a political party to thrive, ideas and debate must thrive too. Dan Jarvis MP’s speech to a London think tank is a very welcome part of that process. Unite the Union Leader Len McCluskey, Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP are amongst the many others who have also made major contributions recently.

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"There’s lots of talk in the media about who’s ‘up’ and who’s ‘down’ in the Labour Party. But the truth is, people aren’t really that interested in the ‘soap opera’ of Westminster politics. Ordinary people in our area are under attack from the Conservative Government’s ruthless and unnecessary programme of cuts.

Leeds East MP and Shadow Cities Minister Richard Burgon

"And our public services are being hit hard too. The Conservative Government has cut Leeds City Council’s budget by more than half.

"More and more work is insecure and low-paid. Getting a mortgage is becoming just a dream for most young people and Government cuts means that there aren’t enough council houses.

"People are looking for real change – in politics and in whose interests the economy works. And that’s why Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the Leader of the Labour Party. Just as the unpredicted popularity of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in the USA has shown, more and more people are wanting real change because it feels the economy is being run against them, not for them.

"The Westminster elite and media establishment are keen to pull Jeremy Corbyn down. That’s because Jeremy Corbyn’s positive agenda is for investment for long-term growth. That gives the forgotten majority the chance to beat the political establishment and secure a better future."

Leeds East MP and Shadow Cities Minister Richard Burgon