Six arrests during disorder at right-wing 'yellow vest' protest in Leeds

Arrests were made during clashes at a demonstration by the so-called 'yellow vest' movement in Leeds today (Saturday).

Traffic was disrupted during the protest.

Around 100 members of the group, many dressed in high-visibility jackets and waving Union Jack flags, arrived for a protest near the BBC building at Quarry Hill in the city centre.

Around 50 anti-fascist protesters, some wearing trade union logos, had already gathered for a counter-demonstration in St Peter's Square as the arriving group tried to reach their meeting place.

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Traffic was disrupted as the yellow vest group first gathered in the middle of the traffic junction with York Road, surrounded by police.

Traffic was disrupted during the protest.

They then made their way towards the counter-protest, some chanting, 'we want our country back'.

Some scuffles broke out between yellow vest protesters and police as the two groups shouted at each other on either side of busy passing traffic.

Clashes were also seen in City Square as protesters made their way around the city centre during today's event, largely organised on social media.

Police said six arrests were made, including for for public order offences and assault of a police officer.

A counter demonstration had already assembled.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "Leeds District Police were supported by additional officers from across the force, along with support from partner agencies this afternoon to facilitate demonstrations from right and left wing groups.

"It is believed there was a total of 150 people took part in the planned protests, 100 from Yellow Vest UK and 50 counter-protestors.

"There was around 60 minutes of disruption to traffic and residents within Leeds City Centre but no serious disorder."

The demonstrations lasted until around 2.30pm.

Superintendent Chris Bowen, said: “I would like to pass on my gratitude to all officers and staff, residents and visitors to Leeds, for their conduct and co-operation during the demonstration this afternoon, which did cause some disruption for a short time in the city centre.

“We ensured we had appropriate resources including assistance from additional high visibility police officers, to minimize the disruption caused as much as possible.”