Six priorities for Yorkshire Day: Business

Amid all of the uncertainty and turmoil generated by June 23's Brexit vote, the fact remains that Yorkshire's business community stands on the precipice of perhaps the biggest opportunity it has faced in a generation.

Clarence Dock, Leeds

While everybody is acutely aware that the term Northern Powerhouse is a political soundbite, the message and potential behind it is seismic and bosses are extremely wise to the capacity for positive change it offers.

For years Yorkshire and the North have been crying out for more say in their affairs and for a level playing field that does not solely focus on the South East.

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The recent fantastic news of China’s decision to plough cash into Sheffield shows that the appetite is there. We must seize this opportunity.

The passion and zeal for this movement is palpable across firms large and small in Yorkshire.

The region is also home to a burgeoning tech sector, with digital businesses creating jobs at an impressive rate. This industry should be protected and enhanced by Government, potentially by tax breaks and/or large scale contracts.

By creating a more independent and interconnected region, we can then begin to retain the talents of graduates from our first class universities who will hopefully choose to remain in the region rather than leave for the capital.

But as we look to the future, we should not forget longstanding industries which have consistently provided jobs and growth for Yorkshire.

Nowhere is this more true than tourism which supports at least 250,000 jobs with a fraction of the support enjoyed by other sectors and which is set to grow further as major sporting events like the Tour de Yorkshire and World Triathlon Leeds extend our global reach.

The Brexit vote will undoubtedly cause rapid change in both political and economic life, but Yorkshire should not be robbed of the opportunity to begin what could be one of the most exciting chapters in its proud history.