SKETCH: For a man 'sick of hearing about Brexit', Boris Johnson sure mentions it a lot

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Boris Johnson is so sick of hearing about Brexit he mentioned it 10 times in his first speech to conference as Prime Minister.

And he’s so sick of Europe he went off script to declare he loves the place, to the warm reception of precisely no one in the room at Manchester's Central Convention Centre.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivering his speech at the Conservative Party Conference at the Manchester Convention Centre. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivering his speech at the Conservative Party Conference at the Manchester Convention Centre. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

It seemed Boris had drastically misjudged the room, yet they chanted his name regardless, and his father Stanley and partner Carrie Symonds as they came in.

Truly, we live in the age of Britain’s first family, divided as they are with Mr Johnson’s revelation that his mother voted leave taking the tally up to 5 - 2 to Remain around the Johnson dinner table

So while friendly with each other, to give you a sense of where the Tory party faithful are at with the whole being friends with other countries thing, it was pretty much EU bad, Commonwealth good as a heckler - the PM suggested maybe Priti Patel - shouted their support for what now represents Britain’s old colonies and dependencies.

It wasn’t the only hark back to a simpler time, where spam and Fray Bentos pies were on the menu.

The aforementioned Home Office boss announced a swathe of new plans to get tough on crime, you know, like the old bobbies on the beat, arming the majority of police officers with tasers.

It was lucky for some she hadn’t made her announcement an hour earlier as Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown caused a chunk of the conference centre to go into lock down after a fracas with security guards.

Mr Clifton-Brown had tried to get his wife into an area she did not hold the correct pass for and when turned away, the MP got rather angry and police had to be called.

He was sent home on an early train from Manchester Piccadilly but that seems like a much lighter punishment that capital punishment supporting colleague Priti might have had in store for him, had one of her 20,000 new taser-touting cops been on hand,Mr Clifton-Brown may have found himself with more electricity running through him that the three days of the Tory conference had all together.

Those deciding the atmosphere at the conference wasn’t worth turning up for included the PM’s predecessors.

John Major was apparently on the phone to Ken Clarke complaining about Boris Johnson as he made his speech, Theresa May took her place in the House of Commons, presumably relieved to not be dancing on to stage, while David Cameron was probably doing a book signing somewhere but had been nowhere to be seen in Manchester for the whole fours days.

It’s not surprising though, Mr Johnson may have paid tribute to Mrs May in his speech but that was not the mood at the infamous karaoke party the night before, where a rendition of Frozen’s Let It Go was dedicated to Mrs May.

With lyrics like “a kingdom of isolation, it looks like I’m the Queen,” not even Boris’s warm words - or hands - could keep you warm.