Thousands of abusive messages, five death threats, and two police visits - the disturbing attacks on Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff revealed

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Some of the disturbing threats levelled at Dewsbury MP Paula Sheriff since she challenged the Prime Minister over his use of language have been revealed.

Ms Sherriff, a Labour MP, asked Boris Johnson to think about the language he used in the House of Commons last week, referencing the murder of Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox and saying many of the phrases used by the PM were seen in threats made against her.

Paula Sherriff, Labour MP for Dewsbury. Photo: JPI Media

Paula Sherriff, Labour MP for Dewsbury. Photo: JPI Media

In the seven days since it has been revealed Ms Sheriff has been victim of five death threats, has had two visits from police, and received more than 1000 abusive messages.

Journalist Victoria Derbyshire tweeted screenshots showing some of the messages Ms Sheriff has received.

One called her a “joke” and said “the public will act soon and I can not [sic] wait to see you hanging from a lamppost, you deserve it and more”.

Ms Sheriff has received rape threats, and another message told her she would “get her comeuppance” and the Brexit Party would “drain the swamp of all you ******* remainer traitors”.

Other messages referenced her weight.

Shadow Home Secretary Abbott referenced the threats Ms Sherriff had received during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

She said Tory MPs needed to learn how to treat women "less cruelly" and accused the Government of "letting women down".

She asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who was standing in for Boris Johnson, to apologise for remarks made by the PM last week after he said "humbug" in response to concerns raised by Ms Sherriff.

Mr Raab did not apologise on behalf of the PM today but called for a "zero-tolerance" approach to any abuse or threats against MPs.

Mr Johnson has since said apologised for what he described as a “misunderstanding”.

“My use of the word ‘humbug’ was in the context of people trying to prevent me, us, from using the word ‘surrender’,” he said.

Ms Sherriff said: “After speaking out in the House of Commons I’ve been heartened to receive some messages of support, but also left saddened by the influx of abusive messages that followed.

“When I see and hear the Prime Minister’s words being parroted in abusive emails and phone calls received in my office, it only underscores the impact of his language.

“In this deeply polarised political climate, I understand that people are angry – but when that toxic atmosphere is deliberately being stoked up by the Prime Minister for political purposes – it is beyond irresponsible.

“Everyone deserves to be able to go to about their jobs without fear of threats and abuse, and I sincerely hope, once again, that the Prime Minister will re-consider his language so that we can move beyond this, and shift the focus onto robust debates about what is best for our country.”