‘Time at last to honour Harold Wilson’

VICTORIOUS in four General Elections and a man who united the left, but until now one of Huddersfield’s most famous sons Harold Wilson has failed to get the recognition he deserves.

Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson (later Lord Wilson of Rievaulx)
Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson (later Lord Wilson of Rievaulx)

As the centenary of the late British Prime Minister’s birth approaches next year, Huddersfield’s current MP Barry Sheerman, and self proclaimed ‘Wilsonite’ wants a new statue installed of the political great in the House of Commons.

While Clement Atlee and Winston Churchill have full length statues in their honour, there is only a bust of Mr Wilson, something Mr Sheerman hopes to put right in 2016.

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Barry Sheerman

Today he will host a Westminster Hall debate in the Commons to recognise the former Labour Prime Minister’s legacy.

He said: “We want to celebrate the life of a very important Prime Minister. Denis Healey died at an advanced age and he was around to protect his reputation but for Harold, who was taken very ill at 58, he wasn’t in a position to do that and consequently he has been very much neglected. And if we want to take a lesson for today, he was Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party when the war between the left and the right was at it’s most bitter.”

He hopes funds would be made available for a new statue by Parliament, but he believes donations from the public would also be forthcoming.