Tories targeting UKIP votes to unseat Labour's Don Valley MP Caroline Flint

Theresa May has taken the Tory campaign to Doncaster, where she is trying to mop up Ukip votes to kick out Labour's Caroline Flint.

Theresa May was in Doncaster this morning.

The Prime Minister chatted to new mothers at a community centre in Branton, west of Doncaster, in an hour-long visit ahead of tonight's Question Time in York.

Exclusive: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn reveal their rival visions for YorkshireMs Flint's Don Valley constituency is a "seat of interest", according to Tory sources.

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The Labour former Cabinet minister secured an 8,885 majority in 2015.

The Conservatives want to win over Ukip's 9,963 votes to cause a major upset.

It comes after Mrs May insisted on Thursday there were no no-go areas for her party.

"I've always believed in campaigning everywhere actually, (it's) always been one of my things," she said.

"I remember one of the first times I stood as a councillor in London and someone said: 'Oh, don't go on that estate', and I said: 'No, we campaign everywhere, we canvass everywhere.'"