Video: ‘Nightmayor’ as Sheffield protesters gather at Town Hall

TRADE unionists launched a ‘no’ campaign against plans for an elected mayor in Sheffield today, while city councillors also approved a motion against the idea.

Business leaders in the city have asked the government for more information on what powers an elected mayor would have. Ministers have strongly backed the proposals for mayors in sheffield, Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield.

Campaigners urging voters to reject the proposal at the May 3 referendum gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall, showing off posters with the slogan ‘Nightmayor’.

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Chris Jenkinson, Sheffield-based regional organiser for Unison, said: “The idea is being imposed on Sheffield by a Tory-led Government when there is no public demand. The referendum will cost £250,000 and, if an elected mayor is approved, we could end up with a very expensive office having to be paid from existing council funds at the expense of services.

“Some elected mayors elsewhere are being paid salaries of up to £100,000. Then there is the cost of running an office and dedicated staff, plus a deputy mayor’s salary. It could come to £400,000 a year.