Video: Your views on the HS2 Big Debate

THE Yorkshire Post asked for your views in our HS2 Big Debate.

HS2 High Speed Rail - map of phase one and two.

Here are a selection of your opinions – both for and against.

Onevoice said: “Let’s not waste any more taxpayers’ money for a project which will not benefit more than a few companies and will suck the lifeblood from the North and detrimentally effect most other areas of Britain. Cancel HS2 now.” Yorkshire Post website.

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Yorklad said: “There is no viable business case, and as well as sucking the life out of the rail system, it will also cut the heart out of many villages and countryside throughout the county and also the country as a whole. Yorkshire MPs should vote against this or we should vote against them!” Yorkshire Post website.

HS2 High Speed Rail - map of phase one and two.

PeteS said: “HS2 will be a revolution in rail transport in Britain. It will boost the economies of our cities by billions.” Yorkshire Post website.

@Outoftweet123 said: “The M1 & M6 were built in the 1960s. Population of South East went up 30 per cent. We need 2 connect up the north but not with London! Twitter @yorkshirepost.

Circe said: “Rail services can be greatly improved in our relatively small-size country without spending between £42 and £50bn on HS2.” Yorkshire Post website.

Greg Barton said: “Usually I sit in a stationary car wondering why the infrastructure between Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield is so c**p. Jammed motorways, small capacity roads outside of the M1 and M62, with no apparent link between train times and peak morning and evening flight times from Manchester.” Yorkshire Post LinkedIn forum.

Bucksboy said: “Sheffield and Leeds will not benefit from HS2 with stations far from the centre and people forced onto HS2 as the only means of getting to certain destinations.” Yorkshire Post website.

NEDerbys said: “I think the money and effort would be better spent improving the efficiency and reducing travel times on the existing rail network. HS2 seems to be about a limited number of people getting to London as quickly as possible. Not a priority for most of us.” Yorkshire Post website.

Curmudgeon57 said: “It is time to call a halt to this folly before even more money is wasted.” Yorkshire Post website.

Richard C said: “The key is to start it in the north. This would create jobs here first and build local expertise for a major national scheme.” Yorkshire Post website.

Rtr said: “The government must love the HS2 debate because it detracts so much attention from the damage they are doing elsewhere.” Yorkshire Post website.

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