What time is PMQs today? How to watch live as Boris Johnson faces questions from Keir Starmer and MPs at Prime Minister’s Question Time after cutting 2m rule

Prime Minister’s Question Time will likely focus on the government’s coronavirus response and yesterday’s decision to cut the 2m rule down to 1m-plus

Boris Johnson is to face his first PMQs since he was hospitalised with coronavirus (BBC)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to face off against leader of the opposition Sir Keir Starmer and other MPs.

The Prime Minister has faced the Labour leader four times at PMQs since he was hospitalised with coronavirus.

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Today will see Mr Johsnon face questions from the opposition leader and other MPs on the government’s decision to reduce the two metre social distancing rule to “one metre-plus, which was announced in the House of Commons on Tuesday (23 June).

What time is Prime Minister’s Questions?

Prime Minister’s Questions takes place every Wednesday that parliament is in session at noon.

The Prime Minister is required to answer questions from MPs until 12.30pm.

Where can I watch Prime Minister’s Questions?

You can watch PMQs live in full on BBC Parliament here.

If you are unable to watch live you can catch up with previous PMQs here.

What has Keir Starmer said about government U-turn?

Sir Keir Starmer welcomed the latest announcement on the easing of lockdown in England from the Prime Minister.

Mr Starmer said that Labour would “scrutinise the details” of the new changes that were announced in the House of Commons on Tuesday (23 June), but added that he believed the government is “trying to do the right thing”, and in that he offered his support.

The Labour leader acknowledged that there were risks to keeping businesses, schools and the economy closed, as well as keeping families apart any longer.

When announcing plans to ease the two metre rule in England, Boris Johnson said the government was taking a “cautious approach”, but warned that ministers would not hestiate to “apply the brakes” should a spike in coronavirus cases occur.

He said: “He said: "Our principle is to trust the British public to use their common sense in the full knowledge of the risks, remembering that the more we open up, the more vigilant we will need to be."

As of 4 July in England, where a social distance of two metres cannot be applied, such as in pubs or restaurants, it will instead be replaced with a distance of “one metre-plus”.

The "plus" element refers to putting in mitigating measures to reduce the risk of transmission. This includes wearing a mask, regularly washing hands and sitting side-by-side rather than face-to-face where possible.