Who is Rishi Sunak? The rise and rise of the country's new Chancellor

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When Rishi Sunak was elected as Richmond’s new MP in 2015, he was a fresh face on the block and was already seen as a Tory rising star.

But his rise took considerably less time than expected, as he was catapulted into the prestigious role of Chancellor just four and a half years after entering Parliament, after Sajid Javid dramatically resigned today.

Chancellor and Yorkshire MP Rishi Sunak. Photo: PA

Chancellor and Yorkshire MP Rishi Sunak. Photo: PA

The second youngest - and first Hindu - Chancellor, Sunak will be seen as a mould breaker in some quarters. It was, afterall, only seven months ago that he was the most junior minister in the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government.

But in others, with his fierce loyalty to Boris Johnson - regularly replacing the PM in media appearances during the election - he will seem like much of the same. Indeed, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has already labelled him a “stooge”.

Today he told journalists as he walked into the Treasury: "Delighted to be appointed, a lot to get on with, thanks very much."

Even back in 2015 he was marked as one of the bright new things the Tories wanted to fast track into Government.

Chancellor and Yorkshire MP Rishi Sunak. Photo: PA

Chancellor and Yorkshire MP Rishi Sunak. Photo: PA

Much has changed since then, not least the 2016 referendum which decided the UK would leave the EU.

Five years ago Sunak told The Yorkshire Post he was nervous about pinning his colours to the mast to publicly back leave.

Fast forward to present day, and it seems the gamble paid off, as all four great offices of state are now held by politicians who backed leave.

In 2016 he produced a report on the merits of introducing free ports after leaving the European Union, a tax-break concept that Johnson cherry-picked for his own leadership campaign.

Sunak, who lives in Kirby Sigston, just outside Northallerton, then backed Johnson in his bid for leader, which was seen as a major win for the former London mayor's campaign, proving he had the young blood of the party on-board.

Writing at the time Sunak said: “We need a Prime Minister who not only passionately believes in Britain’s independent future outside of the EU, but who will also stand firm in Brussels to ensure we get a decent deal and leave by October 31 – Boris is that leader.”

The UK may not have left the EU quite to schedule, but Sunak’s allegiance - in a Government which increasingly values loyalty above all else - seems to have paid off.

Sunak is the self-made millionaire son of an NHS GP and a pharmacist. And his backstory is the stuff of Tory aspirational dreams, as he previously said: "My grandfather was the first in the family to go to school. My parents were the first to go to university. I was the first to go to Oxford. Education is the passport to getting on in life."

The 39-year-old - the second youngest Chancellor just behind George Osborne - was head boy at private school Winchester College, he got a first class degree in philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University, and went as a Fulbright scholar to Stanford University in the USA for his MBA.

It is at Stanford he met his wife, Akshata, the daughter Indian billionaire and co-founder of Infosys, Narayana Murthy. The couple have two daughters.

Before entering politics, he had a successful business career, working as an analyst for investment bank Goldman Sachs before going on to work in hedge and investment fund management.

He is tipped by some as a future Prime Minister.

With the trajectory he is on, that prediction may not be far off.