Who is standing in Yorkshire in the December 2019 General Election?

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December’s General Election campaigning is well and truly under way, and with Yorkshire being one of the key battle grounds all parties want to win over, all eyes will be on who gains seats and where.

Here are all the candidates standing in every constituency in Yorkshire. The asterisk denotes the incumbent candidate - if they are standing again - and the majority at the 2017 election is shown in brackets.

Stock photo of a ballot box. Photo: PA

Stock photo of a ballot box. Photo: PA

Barnsley Central (15,546)

Donald Wood (Independent)

Dan Jarvis (Labour)*

Iftikar Ahmed (Conservative)

Tom Heyes (Green Party)

Victoria Felton (Brexit Party)

Ryan Thomas Williams (Yorkshire Party)

Will Sapwell (Liberal Democrat)

Barnsley East (13,283)

Stephanie Peacock (Labour)*

Adam Gregg (Conservative)

Richard Thomas James (Green Party)

Jim Ferguson (Brexit Party)

Sophie Thornton (Liberal Democrat)

Batley and Spen (8,961)

John Lawson (Liberal Democrat)

Tracy Brabin (Labour and Co-operative)*

Mark James Brooks (Conservative)

Paul Damien Halloran (Heavy Woollen District Independents)

Clive Minihan (Brexit Party)

Ty Akram (Green Party)

Beverley and Holderness (14,042)

Denis Healy (Liberal Democrat)

Graham Stuart (Conservative)*

Isabel Pires (Green Party)

Andy Shead (Yorkshire Party)

Chloe Hopkins (Labour)

Bradford East (20,540)

Imran Hussain (Labour)*

Jonathan Daniel Stewart Barras (Brexit Party)

Andy Stanford (Green Party)

Linden Mary Kemkaran (Conservative)

Jeanette Sunderland (Liberal Democrat)

Bradford South (6,700)

Judith Cummins (Labour)*

Alun Griffiths (Liberal Democrats)

Matthew Clive Edwards (Green Party)

Kulvinder Manik (Brexit Party)

Narinder Singh Sekhon (Conservatives)

Bradford West (21,902)

Naz Shah (Labour)*

Derrick John Hodgson (Brexit Party)

Darren Parkinson (Green Party)

Mark Christie (Liberal Democrats)

Mohammed Afzal (Conservative)

Azfar Shah Bukhari (Independent)

Brigg and Goole (12,363)

David Dobbie (Liberal Democrats)

Andrew Percy (Conservative)*

Jo Baker (Green Party)

Majid Khan (Labour)

Calder Valley (609)

Craig Whittaker (Conservative)*

Joshua Fenton-Glynn (Labour)

Javed Bashir (Liberal Democrats)

Richard Phillips (The Liberal Party)

Cleethorpes (10,400)

Martin Vickers (Conservative)*

Roy Horobin (Liberal Democrats)

Ros James (Labour)

Jodi Shanahan (Green Party)

Colne Valley (978)

Melanie Roberts (UKIP)

Jason McCartney (Conservative)

Cahal Burke (Liberal Democrats)

Thelma Walker (Labour)*

Darryl Paul Anthony Gould (Green Party)

Owen Aspinall (Yorkshire Party)

Sue Harrison (Brexit Party)

Colin Bryan Peel (Independent)

Dewsbury (3,321)

Paula Sherriff (Labour)*

Mark Eastwood (Conservative)

Simon Cope (Green Party)

Philip James (Brexit Party)

John Rossington (Liberal Democrats)

Sir Archibald Earl Eaton Stanton (Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

Don Valley (5,169)

Caroline Louise Flint (Labour)*

Mark Lindsay Alcock (Liberal Democrats)

Paul Alan Whitehurst (Brexit Party)

Chris Holmes (Yorkshire Party)

Nicholas Fletcher (Conservative)

Kate Needham (Green Party)

Doncaster Central (10,131)

Rosie Winteron (Labour)*

Leon Sean French (Yorkshire Party)

Roberto Weeden-Sanz (Conservative)

Frank Sheridan (Green Party)

Surjit Singh Duhre (Brexit Party)

Paul Horton (Liberal Democrats)

Doncaster North (14,024)

Ed Miliband (Labour)*

Joe Otten (Liberal Democrats)

Stevie Shaun Manion (Yorkshire Party)

Eddie Todd (Independent)

Andrew Stewart (Brexit Party)

Wendy Bailey (Independent)

Frank Lloyd Calladine (English Democrats)

Katrina Louise Sale (Conservative)

Neil James Wood (Independent)

East Yorkshire (15,006)

Mike Jackson (Green Party)

Greg Knight (Conservative)*

Timothy Norman (Yorkshire Party)

Catherine Louise Minnis (Labour)

Dale Richard Needham (Liberal Democrats)

Elmet and Rothwell (9.805)

Stewart Golton (Liberal Democrats)

Alec Shelbrooke (Conservative)*

David Nagle (Labour)

Matthew Clover (Yorkshire Party)

Penny Stables (Green Party)

Great Grimsby (2,565)

Melanie Onn (Labour)*

Ian Barfield (Liberal Democrats)

Loyd Emmerson (Green Party)

Lia Nici (Conservative)

Christopher Barker (Brexit Party)

Nigel James Winn (Independent)

Halifax (5,376)

Kashif Ali (Conservative)

Holly Walker-Lynch (Labour)*

James Douglas Baker (Liberal Democrats)

Sarah Wood (Brexit Party)

Bella Jessop (Green Party)

Haltemprice and Howden (15,405)

David Davis (Conservative)*

George Alexander Ayre (Labour)

Linda Jane Johnson (Liberal Democrats)

Angela Catherine Stone (Green Party)

Richard Honnoraty (Yorkshire Party)

Harrogate and Knaresborough (18,168)

Andrew Jones (Conservative)*

Mark Sewards (Labour)

Judith Rogerson (Liberal Democrats)

Kieron George (Yorkshire Party)

Hemsworth (10,174)

Jon Trickett (Labour)*

Ian Womersley (Independent)

Martin Roberts (Yorkshire Party)

James Monaghan (Liberal Democrats)

Lyn Morton (Green Party)

Louise Calland (Conservative)

Waj Ali (Brexit Party)

Pete Wilks (Independent)

Huddersfield (12,005)

Barry Sheerman (Labour and Co-operative Party)*

Andrew Cooper (Green Party)

Ken Davy (Conservative)

Stuart Hale (Brexit Party)

James Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats)

Keighley (249)

John Grogan (Labour)*

Waqas Ali Khan (Brexit Party)

Robbie Moore (Conservative)

Thomas Franks (Liberal Democrats)

Mark Barton (Yorkshire Party)

Matthew Edward Rose (Social Democratic Party)

Kingston upon Hull East (10,396)

Karl Turner (Labour)*

Julia Brown (Green Party)

Bob Morgan (Liberal Democrats)

Marten Hall (Brexit Party)

Rachel Louise Storer (Conservative)

Kingston upon Hull North (14,262)

Diana Johnson (Labour)*

Richard Howarth (Green Party)

Holly Whitbread (Conservative)

Mike Ross (Liberal Democrats)

Derek Brian Abram (Brexit Party)

Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle (8,025)

David Nolan (Liberal Democrats)

Emma Hardy (Labour)*

Michelle Dewberry (Brexit Party)

Mike Lammiman (Green Party)

Scott Ashley Bell (Conservative)

Leeds Central (23,698)

Hilary Benn (Labour)*

Peter Fortune (Conservative)

Ed Carlisle (Green Party)

Paul Thomas (Brexit Party)

William Clouston (Social Democratic Party)

Jack Holland (Liberal Democrats)

Leeds East (12,752)

Richard Burgon (Labour)*

David Dresser (Liberal Democrats)

Jill Mortimer (Conservative)

Shahab Adris (Green Party)

Sarah Wass (Brexit Party)

Leeds North East (16,991)

Celia Foote (Alliance for Green Socialism)

Fabian Hamilton (Labour)*

Jon Hannah (Liberal Democrats)

Amjad Bashir (Conservative)

Rachel Hartshome (Green Party)

Inaya Folarin Iman (Brexit Party)

Leeds North West (4,224)

Alex Sobel (Labour and Co-operative Party)*

Martin Hemingway (Green Party)

Kamran Hussain (Liberal Democrats)

Stewart Harper (Conservative)

Graeme Alan Webber (Brexit Party)

Leeds West (15,965)

Mike Davies (Alliance for Green Socialism)

Rachel Reeves (Labour)*

Dan Walker (Liberal Democrats)

Victoria Helen Smith (Green Party)

Daniel Whetstone (Social Democratic Party)

Ian Cowling (Yorkshire Party)

Mark Christopher Dormer (Conservative)

Philip Mars (Brexit Party)

Morley and Outwood (2,104)

Craig Dobdon (Liberal Democrats)

Andrea Jenkyns (Conservative)*

Dan Woodlock (Yorkshire Party)

Chris Bell (Green Party)

Deanne Ferguson (Labour)

Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford (14,499)

Yvette Cooper (Labour)*

Andrew Lee (Conservative)

Deneice Florence-Jukes (Brexit Party)

Thomas Anthony Gordon (Liberal Democrats)

Laura Marie Walker (Yorkshire Party)

Penistone and Stocksbridge (1,322)

John Booker (Brexit Party)

Hannah Ruth Kitchen (Liberal Democrats)

Francyne Johnson (Labour)

Miriam Joy Cates (Conservative)

Pudsey (331)

Stuart Andrew (Conservative)*

Bob Buxton (Yorkshire Party)

Ian Dowling (Liberal Democrats)

Quinn Daley (Green Party)

Jane Aitchison (Labour)

Richmond (23,108)

Rishi Sunak (Conservative)*

John Yorke (Green)

Philip Michael Knowles (Liberal Democrats)

Nick Jardine (Independent)

Thom Kirkwood (Labour)

Laurence Warwick Waterhouse (Yorkshire Party)

Rother Valley (3,882)

Allen Cowles (Brexit Party)

Emily West (Green Party)

Sophie Wilson (Labour)

Colin Taylor (Liberal Democrats)

Nigel Short (Independent)

Alexander Stafford (Conservative)

Rotherham (11,387)

Sarah Champion (Labour)*

Adam Jonathan Carter (Liberal Democrats)

Paul Hague (Brexit Party)

Gerri Hickton (Conservative)

Dennis Bannan (Yorkshire Party)

Scarborough and Whitby (3,435)

Robert Goodwill (Conservative)*

Hugo Fearnley (Labour)

Robert Lockwood (Liberal Democrats)

Lee Derrick (Yorkshire Party)

Scunthorpe (3,431)

Nicholas Dakin (Labour)*

Ryk Downes (Liberal Democrats)

Holly Mumby-Croft (Conservative)

Peter Dennington (Green Party)

Jeremy Gorman (Brexit Party)

Selby and Ainsty (13,772)

Nigel Adams (Conservative)*

Arnold Warneken (Green Party)

Katharine Macy (Liberal Democrats)

Malik Rofidi (Labour)

Mike Jordan (Yorkshire Party)

Sheffield Central (27,748)

Paul Blomfield (Labour)*

Jack Carrington (Yorkshire Party)

Alison Clare Teal (Green Party)

Janice Silvester-Hall (Conservative)

Barry Edmund James (Independent)

Chris Marsden (Socialist Equality Party)

Colin Arthur Ross (Liberal Democrats)

Paul John Ward (Brexit Party)

Sheffield South East (11,798)

Rajin Chowdhury (Liberal Democrats)

Marc Leslie Bayliss (Conservative)

Kirk Lewis Kus (Brexit Party)

Alex Martin (Yorkshire Party)

Clive Betts (Labour)*

Sheffield, Brightside, and Hillsborough (19,143)

Christine Gilligan Kubo (Green Party)

Shane Harper (UKIP)

Gill Furniss (Labour)*

Stephen Porter (Liberal Democrats)

Johnny Johnson (Brexit Party)

Hannah Juliette Westropp (Conservative)

Sheffield Hallam (2,125)

Ian Walker (Conservative)

Laura Gordon (Liberal Democrat)

Olivia Frances Blake (Labour)

Natalie Thomas (Green Party)

Liz Aspden (Independent)

Terence Alan McHale (Brexit Party)

Michael Joseph Virgo (UKIP)

Sheffield Heeley (13,828)

Simon William Clement-Jones (Liberal Democrat)

Louise Haigh (Labour)*

Gordon Gregory (Conservative)

Tracey Selina Knowles (Brexit Party)

Paul Turpin (Green Party)

Shipley (4,681)

Philip Davies (Conservative)*

Celia Hickson (Green Party)

Caroline Jones (Liberal Democrats)

Jo Pike (Labour)

Darren Longhorn (Yorkshire Party)

Skipton and Ripon (19,985)

Julian Smith (Conservative)*

Andrew James Murday (Liberal Democrats)

Jack Render (Yorkshire Party)

Andy Brown (Green Party)

Brian McDaid (Labour)

Thirsk and Malton (19,001)

Kevin Hollinrake (Conservative)*

Di Keal (Liberal Democrats)

Martin Brampton (Green Party)

Gordon Johnson (Independent)

David Charles Yellen (Labour)

John Hall (Yorkshire Party)

Steve Mullins (Independent)

Michael John Taylor (Social Democratic Party)

Wakefield (2,176)

Mary Creagh (Labour)*

Jamie Needle (Liberal Democrats)

Peter David Wiltshire (Brexit Party)

Stephen Whyte (Independent)

Ryan Kett (Yorkshire Party)

Imran Nasir Ahmad-Khan (Conservative)

Wentworth and Dearne (14,803)

John Healey (Labour)*

Janice Middleton (Liberal Democrats)

Lucy Brown (Yorkshire Party)

Emily Jill Barley (Conservative)

David Bettney (Social Democratic Party)

Stephen Paul Cavell (Brexit Party)

York Central (18,575)

James Blanchard (Liberal Democrats)

Rachael Maskell (Labour and Co-operative Party)*

Tom Franklin (Green Party)

Fabia Celestine Tate (Conservative)

Nicholas Szkiler (Brexit Party)

Andrew Dunn (Social Democratic Party)

Andrew John Sneddon (Yorkshire Party)

York Outer (8,289)

Julian Sturdy (Conservative)*

Keith Aspden (Liberal Democrats)

Anna Perrett (Labour)

Scott Robert Marmion (Independent)