Why John Prescott has ditched Two Jags for White Van Man

For years he has been known as Two Jags.

Lord Prescott in the driver's seat of the number 01 KCOM van

But John Prescott became White Van Man today as he sung the praises of Hull’s City of Culture year.

Lord Prescott helped launch Hull telecoms firm KCOM’s celebration of the city’s year in the spotlight - by renaming its 95 vans after famous people from Hull past and present.

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The former Hull East MP and Deputy Prime Minister happily posed for pictures at the wheel of the 01 van - jokingly warning its drivers not to leave it anywhere it could get covered in graffiti.

John Prescott: 'A tireless campaigner for Hull'

Lord Prescott said he’d enjoyed everything so far in the year-long arts programme - the only exception being the unveiling of the 14th century panel painting Pietro Loronzetti, Christ between Saints Paul and Peter at the city’s Ferens Art Gallery.

“It didn’t turn me on,” he admitted. But the spectacular opening event Made In Hull was “brilliant”.

“To see the tears in peoples’ eyes,” he said. “There was 350,000 (people) - there’s only 250,000 in Hull - a lot of them came again. (Hull) was always great, but Hull people don’t always think of it as a great place. It’s awakened a feeling of pride in the city.”

Asked about his moniker Two Jags, Lord Prescott said he only had one Jaguar of his own - the other was the official Government car used previously by Lord Heseltine.

John Prescott: 'A tireless campaigner for Hull'

He added: “Every Minister now has a Jaguar (when) I had one all hell was on.”

The naming of the rest of the fleet is being left for the public to choose. They can put forward suggestions until March 9.

Cathy Phillips, KCOM’s chief marketing officer, said: “During this first Made In Hull season of City of Culture year we want to celebrate all the great people and places that have made Hull what it is today.

“As one of the most famous political figures to come out of the city and as a tireless champion for Hull, we thought it was fitting that the ‘John Prescott’ was the first van to hit the streets.

“We’re expecting names such as William Wilberforce and Amy Johnson to be popular, but we’re also hoping for some more unsung heroes to be put forward too.

“If people want to suggest names of iconic Hull buildings or landmarks, such as the Humber Bridge, we’ll also consider naming some of our vans after those places that mean the most to the city.” Visit kcomhome.com/hull2017vans