The Yorkshire Post says: Age-old questions. No substitute for experience

THOUGH life, it is said, begins at 40, it appears to end at 50 judging by the continuing prevalence of age discrimination in the workplace according to a hard-hitting Parliamentary report.

What more can be done to tackle age discrimination?
What more can be done to tackle age discrimination?

It claims that the talents of at least one million unemployed aged over 50 are going to waste and the Government “needs to be clearer” that prejudice, unconscious bias and casual ageism in the workplace are all unlawful under the Equality Act 2010.

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Yet, given how changing demographics mean that people are being expected to work longer, and harder, before they can even contemplate retirement, it’s clear that some employers do need to be reminded of their obligation to treat all staff, and interview candidates, fairly and that, in many spheres of life, there is still no substitute for experience.