The Yorkshire Post says: Back in the real world '“ how, thanks to Brexit, not to run a care policy

YET another reminder of the scale of political paralysis at Westminster is offered by yet another report confirming that more than 4.3 million elderly people risk being left without care because policy and funding challenges remain unresolved.

Care policy continues to be compromised by Brexit.
Care policy continues to be compromised by Brexit.

With the crisis even more pronounced here in Yorkshire compared to other parts of the country, the latest research shows the extent to which day-to-day polices are being sidelined by the Brexit battles that have brought Parliament to a standstill.

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After the debate – and vote – on Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement was pulled, the Commons debated the specifics of the Ivory Bill on Tuesday as it was the only non-contentious legislation to put before MPs.

However, because of Brexit, MPs have not had the time, courtesy or inclination to respond to the open letter sent by North Yorkshire care boss Mike Padgham when the shortcomings in sector are putting hospitals under so much pressure.

It does not end here. There is still no date for the Green Paper on the future of social care which was due this autumn. And local councils still do not know next year’s funding allocation from the Government – and the consequences for all those vulnerable people who depend upon care services.

The announcement had to be delayed by the supposed debate on Mrs May’s Brexit deal. And when this was aborted, Ministers provided another object lesson in how not to run a country by saying that local councils will receive the necessary information ‘soon’ – and without being specific on whether the definition of ‘soon’ meant this week or next year.