The Yorkshire Post says: Hunting favour. Should the ban be left to the experts?

EVEN though countryside campaigners say that hunting has become more diverse thanks to the increased involvement of women and young people, the issue remains as divisive as ever.

Despite the increased diversity of hunting, the issue remains as divisive as ever.

For, while the traditional Boxing Day hunts saw huge turnouts, many will have been disappointed at the Government’s decision not to revisit Parliamentary legislation.

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Despite the Tory manifesto at the election promising a free vote on whether to overturn the ban introduced by Labour, Theresa May is prepared to abandon this pledge so Ministers can focus on Brexit. Such a move would also appear to be at odds with Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s ‘animal welfare’ agenda, but it shouldn’t preclude Ministers from revisiting the hunting ban if the evidence suggests that the law does need to be revised. This, after all, is probably one issue that might be best left to the experts – and not politicians on the trail of improved poll ratings.