The Yorkshire Post says: The jobs manual. Customer service is priceless

HOME to the original Industrial Revolution, Yorkshire is now witnessing further seismic changes in the economic landscape thanks to the emergence of artificial intelligence as roles, and manual jobs, undertaken by humans gradually become obsolete.

What will be the impact of artificial intelligence on the economy?

Yet, as the march of technology becomes unstoppable, Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist, is right to highlight its potential impact on the jobs market. It’s even more reason why young people need to complete their formal education with a set of skills that are directly relevant to today’s economy.

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However Mr Haldane’s comments will inevitably cause unease to those many people here who bemoan labour-saving initiatives – whether it be self-service checkouts in supermarkets or telephone call centres which deliberately make it as difficult as possible for consumers to speak to an individual.

This county has always prided itself on providing outstanding customer service and this characteristic should not be forgotten by the new generation of innovators. It also explains why human inter-action will always be one of the most priceless commodities of all.