The Yorkshire Post says: Just the ticket. Buses must move with the times

YORKSHIRE is again playing catch up with London when it comes to transport. Though up-to-the-minute information screens have been commonplace at bus stops in the capital for some time now, they're still a relatively new innovation here.

Should there be more up-to-date information at bus stops in Leeds?

Though 500 or so shelters in Leeds have electronic timetables linked to satellite technology charting the progress of buses, they’re less common in the rest of West Yorkshire where plans have been unveiled to install 1,000 additional screens.

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And they’re even more rare in rural parts of the county where residents are grateful to have any kind of bus service. Yet, if congestion on the region’s roads is to be tackled in some way, public transport needs to be transformed so more families do have a viable alternative of the car.

While more reliable bus and train services are the top priority, better and more accurate information across the county should, hopefully, give passengers more confidence when planning their journey.