The Yorkshire Post says: Man on a mission. Asda chief returns to his roots

IT is self-evident that Roger Burnley is the archetypal proud Yorkshireman after returning to his roots to become chief executive of Leeds-based supermarket giant Asda.

Roger Burnley is Asda's new chief executive.

Unlike so many ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ retail bosses who look for instant fixes, here is an entrepreneur who is being totally sincere when he says he wants to be judged by his long-term legacy.

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This bodes well for the future as the established supermarkets continue to face stiff competition from the discount chains. Though price is important, it’s heartening that Mr Burnley places a premium on trust if he, and his firm, are to earn the longstanding loyalty of customers, a characteristic which can no longer be taken for granted. In a wide-ranging interview, the CEO’s personal commitment to sourcing even more British produce, while also looking to reduce the amount of plastic packaging, offer further grounds for optimism at a firm whose leader believes evolution, rather than revolution, is the way forward.