The Yorkshire Post says: Motorway moves. Drivers learning in the fast lane

THERE will be some motorists who will shudder at the prospect of learner drivers being allowed on the country's motorway network from today if accompanied by an approved instructor, and in a car fitted with dual controls.

Learner drivers will be allowed on Britain's motorways from today.

Yet, given the preponderance of accidents involving newly-qualified motorists and how so many people regularly have to travel by motorway out of necessity, it’s a sensible relaxation of the rules which does have the potential to improve safety in the long run.

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Previously rookie drivers were only allowed on motorways after passing their test – and without any specific tuition on the skill of getting on and off 70mph roads safely.

However it’s also important that such lessons are left to the discretion of instructors – and their pupils. For, while every L-driver should, ideally, undertake at least one lesson on motorway driving, this will be impractical in remoter areas.