The Yorkshire Post says: No turning back. One Yorkshire's growing momentum

THE ARCHBISHOP of York is right '“ the devolution debate has reached the point of no return and Ministers now need to recognise the extent to which the One Yorkshire movement is gaining momentum and, crucially, public traction.

The Archibishop of York hosted local leaders on Yorkshire Day to mark the next phase of the One Yorkshire campaign.

This was self-evident when Dr John Sentamu marked Yorkshire Day by inviting 100 political, business and civic leaders, as well as members of the county’s Youth Parliament, to Bishopthorpe Palace to show their support for this burgeoning campaign.

Not only is Yorkshire blessed to have an inspirational Archbishop who is personally committed to this issue, but also so many prominent people from all walks of life, and all corners of God’s Own County, who are determined to work together for the greater good.

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It’s just a shame that James Brokenshire, the Cabinet minister in charge of local government, did not witness this impressive gathering which reflected the progress that has been made and the unanimity that now exists.

If he had done so, he would be having second thoughts about his department’s hostility towards those who believe that an united Yorkshire, with a mayoral figurehead, is also in the country’s national interest.

And, when the likes of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling treats commuters here with contempt and fails to take responsibility for a succession of scandals which would have been resignation issues in all previous political eras, the resolve of Yorkshire’s leaders will only intensify and make Mr Brokenshire’s obstinacy look misguided.